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The Most Romantic Flowers to Show Your Adoration

Learn about the most romantic flowers that are sure to impress your loved one.

Flowers can be a great gift for many occasions, including birthdays, holidays and especially for romantic reasons. It’s no wonder why Valentine’s Day has long been the most popular flower-gifting time of the year, since people normally associate the gesture with love and affection. No matter if you’re going on a first date or are celebrating your 50th anniversary, flowers can convey your interest, care and adoration. But what flowers are best to show your romantic interest? Let’s run down the most romantic flowers that are sure to leave your true love breathless.

Rose: There’s no way we could comfortably begin a list of the most romantic flowers with anything other than the rose; It just wouldn’t be right otherwise. Red roses, to be more specific, have long been recognized as the most popular choice for displaying your love and affection in flowers. And for ages, red roses have been recognized as a pure symbol of everlasting love. But really, roses of any color, from pink to orange to white, can be a great romantic gift to give your partner.

Chrysanthemum: Chrysanthemums have various meanings depending on their color, but thanks to their alluring, beautiful shape, this flower can make for the perfect romantic gift. And when you choose red chrysanthemums, you will be giving a gift that symbolizes deep passion and love, while white chrysanthemums signify loyalty and honesty. Whether you give a bouquet with chrysanthemums that are white or red, you can be sure you’re giving an appropriate, thoughtful and lovely gift.

Peony: The peony has been a symbol for many things, including romantically-inclined meanings like standing for compassion and a happy marriage. This pretty bloom is perfect in a romantic bouquet, and most commonly comes in a variety of red, pink and white shades.

Tulip: A truly versatile flower with many colors to choose from, the tulip is typically associated with the start of the spring season, and has a few special meaning itself. Red tulips, in fact, represent love, making it a great choice for a romantic flower bouquet. But, we think that these popular blooms would work no matter the color, so feel free to choose from tulips that come in yellows, pinks, purples or whites.

Carnation: Carnations have begun to garner more popularity in recent years, as many are attracted to their striking, ruffled petals and brilliant color. Speaking of color, carnations are available in many hues, so you can pick your love’s favorite to impress them even more with your romantic bouquet. As for meanings behind carnations, white ones are meant to signify pure love and pink are for admiration.

With FTD’s local florists, you can get romantic flowers for your girlfriend, boyfriend, spouse or even your new crush! And now you know exactly what to get them thanks to our list of the most romantic flowers. While you’re here, learn how to keep flowers fresh longer with our tips, or discover how you can preserve flowers you receive.